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The Win version constantly gets tweaks because it needs them I can boot from my external drive and run There are certainly reasons for the Win products to go 64 bit, also but it is the Mac version that needs to do so first. I will be limiting my participation in the BIAB for Mac forum if threads regularly become hijacked with angst like this. But thank you for answering my simple question. Originally Posted By: Matt Finley. Well, not as much traffic over here, so sometimes us Mac guys just get lonely and want someone to talk to.

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You need to be logged in to post. Thank you for the info. Mike Halloran, Well said. Originally Posted By: Mike Halloran Ain't that the truth. Well, I wouldn't be holding my breathe for 64 bit but let's wait and see. Regarding version, how on earth would you know what you'd get anyway, even if it it had a piano roll whether it worked or not would be another question. PG Music know, and either don't care or don't have the ability to fix it. Notation doesn't scroll ahead correctly beyond a set number of bars so will that work in ?

How would you know? It is simply a disaster compared to the Windows version. Hey, but it generates real tracks just fine. Unfortunately, I didn't realise how bad the situation was until more than 30 days after purchase, partly due to the fact that I contacted support regarding the issues, naively thinking they would fix the problems.

Quote: Well, I wouldn't be holding my breathe for 64 bit but let's wait and see. Not spending another dime unless it is.

As to the rest, I agree. Infinitely better quality than buying prepared karaoke tracks and saves me many hours over doing them from scratch. I then export these to a DAW for sweetening and polishing. I lost the use of my dominant arm and cannot work fast enough for those deadlines and BIAB is inadequate on its own. You must upgrade to Without a 64 bit version of BIAB, Mac users buying new machines at the end of the year will be in the same boat.

How to Fix Latency in Adobe Audition

Whatever PG Music decides, I get to vote with my pocketbook and plan to do so. Yes, I agree. I posted a link on this forum sometime back about the discontinuation of Apple support for 32 bit in the near future.

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I wonder who opened the door? I do agree the detour into DAWs and the like is a bit too wide. This is about BIAB after all. It is a sample level editor and very powerful.

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Have you dug into it at all? OSX It's pretty cheap and powerfull. Quote 4 Thu Aug 27, pm Thanks for the tips. I was trying out Sound Studio which is ok.

Final Cut Pro X for Mac - Download

Adobe Audition is a bit expensive and more than I need really, as I just want a wave editor. I am downloading Audiofile Engineering's thing now as it looks like just what I am looking for - I'll let you know how I get on!! There's always Audacity. Quote 5 Thu Aug 27, pm It's free and open source. Not too bad at all.